Business Objectives
Paradigm: Creativity isn't expensive ...Overhead is. Keeping your budget under control is an essential part of any successful business. If success is defined by creativity, then a limited budget could become a barrier that prevents you from bringing life to your artistic vision. These two opposing forces may never find a common ground. In this instance, production value will have to be compromised.
  Our solution
What We Learned Innovative work that transcends the medium is the only thing that matters. We call it the "wow factor". Without it, your important ideas, marketing message, or creative vision will get lost in the clutter.

Our Solution: Enhance what works. Eliminate what doesn't.We are a collaborative group of creative professionals who are passionate about our work and extremely focused on our objectives. No executives. No salesmen. No high rent offices. We protect our creative assets and eliminate much of the bulky overhead found in other agencies. This gives our clients the best shot at success. Instead of traveling an exhausted path, we tend to pave new ones. We established partnership agreements with independent artists, producers, and technicians who are deeply committed to creating imaginative work that many of our clients regard as remarkable and ground-breaking. Simply stated, our creative partners are the best and the brightest in the industry.
Organization Our business structure is not complicated. We divide responsibility into three equal parts.
Organizational Chart It's that simple.